"Belgrade at Night and Belgrade Day by Day! Visit Belgrade and learn about it as much as you can, while enjoying it's charm"

So, the potential of Belgrade...when you scratch a little - not much - under the surface, you realize that there is already everything you need:


The artistic scene, which will surely precursor what will happen tomorrow in Belgrade, as we have seen in Berlin for example with the phenomenon of gentrification, may bring many things to Belgrade.

I only knew Belgrade off the highway and this time I could also spend a whole week inside.

It is of course a very nice city. There's a great lot to discover, there are many hidden qualities. One quality is, this image I remember closely, is that you can have an exigent meal.


A little hint I would like to give, is that pubs should, if you would ask me, stay open for a while after midnight.

Taddeus van der Weegen, the Netherlands

 duh sarajeva u beogradu

 There is positive atmosphere in the city and people want to forget the past and be part of transition.

It is interesting because they are at the very beginning of a transition. I think also that the city is full of positive energy.

  There's some design research to do, so maybe this is also an invitation to designers in Serbia to fill in this gap.

Savmala has after all, the sunny side of the Belgrade Fort, beautifully waterside, so there's a big potential for recreation, but also for the elderly, this E.G. of a concert hall, sauna or things like that, but maybe also for young people;

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we had a very good time going out in Belgrade, so you can definitely throw a party there.



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2 maj, 2017

Belgrade by night


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